February 25

The image I took of the sky the morning my mother passed on.

The sun waved hi
The morning you bid goodbye;
Felt like nothing and everything
Changed at the same time.

As the hospital woke up,
You had fallen asleep.
As they wheeled you out the door,
I counted all the promises I failed to keep.

Relatives were notified.
Not a tear in my eye.
Parched heart beating slow,
Feeling restless but I got nowhere to go.

Did you lie next to your body?
Did you watch me as I packed?
Did you visit your favorite places?
Did you think of going back?

Did you hear my I love yous?
Did you notice the weather that day?
Did you soak in the sun, had your fun,
Before you finally went on your way?

Documents were processed.
Memories were accessed.
Your last dress was bought,
Your last moments rethought.

While the country commemorated the bravery
Of those who marched to reclaim our democracy,
A silent song rose within me —
A remembrance of what was and what is meant to be.

For nothing is bolder than to love courageously
In the face of certain uncertainty.
And from that moment, I promised myself to keep on singing
About what ended and started on that sunny February morning.

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